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About the Artist

Active professionally for more than 20 years, Donna Zagotta is a nationally recognized artist, teacher, and juror. She has accumulated numerous awards including the first place awards in the 2005 Arizona Watercolor Association Exhibition and the 1997 Watercolor West Exhibition, the second place award in the 1999 National Watercolor Society Exhibition, and the Samuel Leitman Award in the 2008 and the Ogden and Mary Pleissner Award in the 2000 American Watercolor Society Exhibitions. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, and Midwest Watercolor Society. Her work appears in numerous publications and can be seen on the cover of Watercolor Expressions and The Artist’s Magazine. She was selected as Watercolor Magic Yearbook 2001’s “Ones to Watch”, and she was featured in Watermedia Focus magazine as “An Artist Worth Noting”. Donna has been teaching classes and workshops since 1990 and she served as one of the jurors for the 2002 National Watercolor Society Exhibition.

Donna Zagotta’s paintings have evolved from an early emphasis on traditional watercolor techniques and traditionally influenced realism to an unconventional use of the watercolor medium and the exploration of the area that lies between realism and abstraction. Donna has a passion for art history with a special interest in Modernism and finds inspiration in the work of Edouard Vuillard, Henri Matisse, and Richard Diebenkorn, master painters who were more focused on expressing color and spatial ideas than in rendering the particulars of subject matter.



2009 American Watercolor Society
2008 American Watercolor Society (Award)
2008 National Watercolor Society
2008 San Diego Watercolor Society (Award)
2008 Northwest Watercolor Society (Award)
2008 Louisiana Watercolor Society (Award)
2007 National Watercolor Society (Award)
2007 Rocky Mountain National (Award)
2007 San Diego Watercolor Society (Award)
2006 San Diego Watercolor Society (Award)
2006 National Watercolor Society
2006 Northwest Watercolor Society (Award)
2005 American Watercolor Society
2005 National Watercolor Society (Award)
2005 Arizona Watercolor Association (Award)
2005 San Diego Watercolor Society
2004 Michigan Watercolor Society (Award)
2004 Louisiana Watercolor Society
2004 Hilton Head Art League (Award)
2003 San Diego Watercolor Society
2003 One Woman Show, “Lifestories”, River Street Gallery,
Manistee, Michigan
2003 Northwest Watercolor Society
2003 National Watercolor Society
2001 Rocky Mountain National
2001 Five Person Show, Art Studio One, Mason, Michigan
2000 San Diego Watercolor Society (Award)
2000 National Watercolor Society
2000 American Watercolor Society (Award)
1999 One Woman Show “Connections”, Brighton, Michigan
1999 National Watercolor Society (Award)
1999 American Watercolor Society
1998 Watercolor West (Award)
1998 San Diego Watercolor Society (Award)
1998 American Watercolor Society
1997 Watercolor West (Award)
1993 One Woman Show, Shiawasee Arts Council, Owosso, Michigan
1992 One Woman Show, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
1992 One Woman Show, Left Bank Gallery, Flint, Michigan
1991 Watercolor West
1991 Midwest Watercolor Society
1990 Midwest Watercolor Society
1989 Rocky Mountain National (Award)
1989 American Watercolor Society
1988 National Watercolor Society (Award)
1988 Midwest Watercolor Society (Award)
1987 National Watercolor Society (Award)
1987 Midwest Watercolor Society (Award)


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The Artist’s Magazine, September 1989 feature article, “Painting Sunbathed Interiors”

Professional Affiliations

American Watercolor Society 
National Watercolor Society 
Midwest Watercolor Society 
Watercolor West 

Teaching Positions

University of Michigan School of Art, Art 447: Contemporary Realism in Watercolor, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997


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