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Donna Zagotta, award-winning watermedia artist, writes about being an artist and suggests ways to improve your art

An Interview With Carla O'Connor

An Interview With Carla O’Connor

Lately I’ve become obsessed with artist interviews! Long hours alone in the studio can be very isolating and lonely, and online artist interviews are a great way to connect with other artists from across the globe. I always gain some new insights and a deeper understanding of the creative process as I listen to someone […]

Tracy and her wall of paintings

An Artist Retreat

I guess you could say that serendipity and synchronicity played a big part in what my daughter and I now affectionately call our “Artist Retreats.” It all started in March when the electrical power went out at my daughter and son-in-law’s house during an early spring storm. They live in a town close to ours, […]


  “If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.”   Zig Ziglar “A dream without a goal is a wish. A goal without a plan is just a dream.”   -Unknown “Actions speak louder than words.”   – Unknown   It’s already the second week of the new year! How are you doing with your art goals for […]

Yearly Review and Setting Art Goals for 2017

Yearly Review and Setting Art Goals for 2017

“I will join Alice and explore every rabbit hole, even at the risk of shrinking and expanding. I will join Huck and ride the river, even if con men are waiting. I will discover the essence of poetry, unravel the mystery of song, grasp the intricacies of color. I am one terrific explorer.”     Eric Maisel  […]