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I Love This!

I love this, as it relates to my last post: The implicit memory in the human brain, intuition, is the result of millions of unconscious experiences that are carefully wired into your feeling brain to provide you with a wealth of information. But to access intuition, we must feel. Laurel Mellin Happy Painting!

D. Zagotta, Ice Cream

Step Two: Finding the Missing Ingredients

  I think this quote by Jackson Pollock bears repeating: You can’t learn techniques and then try to be a painter. Techniques are a result. Like many realistic painters, I spent years developing technical skills and learning how to make my subjects look believable. And, like many realistic painters, I believed that “someday”, perhaps when […]

Step One

Having written in my last post about my “quirky” watercolor technique, I feel that I must add a few words regarding my feelings about the place that technique holds (or should hold) in an artist’s work. Our journey as an artist usually begins with learning a medium and its techniques. With that accomplished, we think we […]

Opaque Watercolor

Opaque Watercolor

You can’t learn techniques and then try to be a painter. Techniques are a result. Jackson Pollock I’ve had a number of requests from readers to write about opaque watercolor, so here goes!  10 years ago I found myself at a crossroads with my art. I was a traditional watercolorist and no longer satisfied with my work. I longed […]

Self-Plagiarism or Series Work?

Self-Plagiarism or Series Work?

In one of my recent workshops, we were discussing series work and a word I’ve never before encountered came up: self-plagiarism. An artist in my class had submitted two paintings done from the same subject into a national juried show. Each painting evoked a different mood, and other than subject, they looked nothing like each other. After much […]