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What’s in Your BAAG for 2010?

Ask yourself, “What would I love to learn next?” Name the next step in your education. Stride to the precipice of the unknown and dive headlong into “don’t know.”     Eric Maisel Today’s well considered question is this: WHAT IS YOUR BIG AUDACIOUS ART GOAL FOR 2010? One of my favorite holiday traditions (no, it’s not shopping or baking!) is a personal tradition that […]

Emily Mason, Purple Moat

What is art?

 Academic dogma is the mortal enemy of art. Frank Goodyear, Jr. Emily Mason, Purple Moat   Recently I came across a catalog from a 2000 Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason exhibit titled Separate and Together. Emily Mason is a well regarded Abstract Expressionist painter who is married to Wolf Kahn. In the interview she did for the […]

What Delights You?

In my last post, I talked about the importance of the well-considered question. I’ve decided to do a series of posts with some of my favorite questions for you to mull over and enjoy. I invite you to add to my list of well-considered questions by sending the questions (and answers, too, if you wish!) that […]

D. Zagotta, Field Notes

The Well Considered Question

Your superconscious mind is stimulated by three primary factors. These are 1). intensely desired goals; 2). pressing problems; and 2). well-worded questions.    Brian Tracy In my post on finding the missing ingredients in your work, I mentioned that when I found myself at a crossroads in my watercolor painting, I devised 3 well considered questions for myself :  1. […]