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Scott Hamilton

Olympic Painting

2010 Olympic Gold Medal Winner Kim Yu-na                 No one hands you excellence on a silver platter. You earn it through planning, preparing, and persisting in the face of all obstacles. Terry Orlick I am a HUGE fan of the Olympics – especially figure skating! I’ve watched every Winter Olympics since Scott […]

27 Art Blogs to Watch in 2010

27 Art Blogs to Watch in 2010

A few weeks ago, I asked for nominations of your favorite art blogs so that I could create a list of hot art blogs to watch in 2010. I’ve combined all of your lists and here it is!    I encourage you to check out the links below. I hope you’ll find some interesting new art blogs […]

Serge Hollerbach, Shadow on Sidewalk

What You See is What You Get

  Serge Hollerbach, Shadow on Sidewalk I have always felt that one of the most important objectives of a teacher is to show you new ways of seeing, rather than how to paint.    Alfred Chadbourn When searching for subject matter for a painting, it helps to be able to see your environment in new and […]