Setting Art Goals for 2016

zzzzzmagesIZBU01MKI want to wish all of you a joyful, amazing, vibrant, and art filled 2016!

I love this time of year and the accompanying feeling of new beginnings and fresh starts. One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to perform an annual art check-up where I re-examine my painting goals and set new ones for the upcoming year. I begin by taking a look at my current body of work and determining what’s working and what needs improvement. Then I sit down with my art journal and write down my findings. I also list ideas for improvement, ideas I want to try from books and magazines I’ve read, ideas gleaned from artists I admire and from looking at paintings that I love, content ideas, series ideas, and plans, plans, and more plans.

If you would like to perform your own annual art check-up, here are 12 prompts to help you get started, excerpted from my article, Watercolor Chronicles, originally published in the October, 2009 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine.

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Live well and paint a lot!

9 responses to “Setting Art Goals for 2016”

  1. Johnna Papin

    Thanks for the inspiration for the New year!

  2. Julie Dunleavy

    Mega thanks. This is helpful and very useful. Just what I need at this point. Happy painting to you too.

  3. marylouise widmaier

    Thanks, printed this off and am going to assess where I am in my art journey. Big decision is if I should enter bigger shows. Guess nothing ventured-nothing gained. Still on fence—— think this surely will help!!!!

  4. Anne Miller Strandoo

    This is super helpful Donna – thanks for posting!

  5. Sarah

    I needed this today. I always do a year-end “check-in”, reviewing my art goals from the year before to see how I measured up and setting new goals for the upcoming year. My goals are always very high, but I plan exactly how to get there. My goal for 2016 is to make enough in my artwork to quit my day job. I fear it is too far off and I’m experiencing sadness that I may miss that goal once again. Thank you for your list. It takes my mind off the money part of the resolution and focuses more on the fun part: the actual artwork itself!

  6. Katie

    This is great! Perfect timing. Thanks so much…Happy Painting!

  7. Robyn France

    Hi Donna–this is so helpful! I have filled this out with a few blanks which I am considering–really good to pinpoint my objectives which are rather amorphous at the moment. Thank you and happy new year. I hope to visit your blog often.

  8. Elinor thompson

    This is a great assessment list which I have shared with the members (118) of my painting group that paint outdoors all year. I admire your work and love the ideas in your blog. The artists in my group agree . Thanks.

  9. Neva Rossi

    Donna, I love this! I have printed out several copies and spent a couple of wonderful sunny days in the backyard with it. Thank you!!