1. Colleen Sabo

    This was a wonderful first thing to see on FB today, Donna! Thank you for posting….makes me want to go right to the studio and get painting. Still love your work and your enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Robin Avery

    Thank you Donna for the great email! You have always inspired me!!

  3. Grace haverty

    Love this piece as well as all your work. Thanks for sharing grace

  4. Maria Ramsdale

    Thank you for your demonstration. I continue to draw inspiration from your paintings, and from the generous sharing of your process.

  5. Kathie Boissiere

    Thank you Donna for the mini demo. Beautiful colors!

  6. Dixie Sampier

    I appreciate you sharing your way of painting. It always intrigues me. I love your work, and you!

  7. Ruth Armitage

    I love seeing the process from beginning to end! It is amazing how the painting evolved. Your finished work is stunning and I can see why it won an award at AWS!

  8. Connie

    Love the demo! Please advise what you used to draw with….it states Holbein bright violet Is this a watercolor pencil? Thanks

  9. Susan Wiley

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts through the process of this painting. Of course, your work is always stunning and engaging and this one is no exception. Thank you, Donna.

  10. Judy gilmer

    Call me stupid, but was the finished painting all in WC? If so, do you use really heavy opaque. Basically I am wondering how you bring greens and violets up to the light yellow. It is a brilliant iece. Thanks.

  11. Barbara Duffy

    Beautiful painting! Taking your workshop made me see the importance of connecting shapes! Thank you for the continued inspiration!

  12. Johnna Papin

    Love this. Thanks for sending…

  13. Toni Stevenson

    As always I am knocked over by the process of your painting steps. I do love the final painting. It is so interesting how you add various colors of paint until is is pleasing to you. I am still working on it, inspired by your mastery, to change a photo representation into a lush powerful painting.

  14. abhijit ganguly

    have you ever tried gouache with acrlylic?