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I want to share some happy news with you! I have been invited to join the C2C Gallery, a beautiful gallery featuring unique handmade art including ceramics, handblown glass, jewelry, painting, photography, sculpture, and textiles.


Cyndi Casemier, C2C Gallery

Inspired by her love of art and motivated by her desire to encourage others to make art a part of their everyday life, Cyndi Casemier opened the warm, welcoming gallery in downtown Grand Haven, Michigan in 2011. If you’re in the area, this gallery is definitely a must see! You can view my paintings currently at the C2C Gallery here:

Bye for now……….Donna

10 responses to “Current News”

  1. Denise Athanas

    Congratulations happy for you. Just love your work!. Denise

  2. Hal Wright

    Lucky gallery! Hope you and they both prosper.

  3. Pamela ourshalimian

    Congratulations Donna ! 🎉👍🍾. I checked the link to the gallery and your portfolio. As always, ( I can use that word with you) your work is inspirational. I love your ever changing, delightfully fresh paintings!💗

  4. Tammy Wiedenhaefer

    Congratulations!! Best wishes!

  5. Susan Wiley

    Congratulations, Donna! Your work is always beautiful and joyful. As Hal said, it is a lucky gallery!

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