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Getting and Staying Motivated

And no one will listen to us until we listen to ourselves. Marianne Williamson 

Green Chairs

Green Chairs

For many years, I heard myself saying, “I need a coach – someone to give me the incentive, accountability, and motivation to achieve my goals.” And at one point, I actually did have a creativity coach. But it didn’t take me very long to see that I resisted my coach’s suggestions every step of the way because I knew that his solutions to my “problems” where processed through his personality rather than mine. That’s when I got it that what I really needed was to become my own art coach.

Making a decision and a commitment to become your own art coach announces to yourself and to the world that you are ready to passionately step up to the plate and take responsibility for if, when, how, and how much your create. It means becoming your own teacher, planner, strategist, problem solver, therapist, manager, critique guru, rah rah cheerleader, mom, and best friend. 

There is only one person who can help you get past fear and inertia and keep you motivated to return to the studio as often as possible. There is only one person who can make your art a priority in your life. That person, of course, is you! No one else can give you permission. The bottom line is that you have to take your art seriously before anyone else will.    

Happy Painting!