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What’s in Your BAAG for 2010?

Ask yourself, “What would I love to learn next?” Name the next step in your education. Stride to the precipice of the unknown and dive headlong into “don’t know.”     Eric Maisel

Today’s well considered question is this: WHAT IS YOUR BIG AUDACIOUS ART GOAL FOR 2010?

One of my favorite holiday traditions (no, it’s not shopping or baking!) is a personal tradition that I started many years ago. I slow down, sit down with my pen and my journal, think long and hard about my art, and create some exciting new art goals for the coming year.

I totally believe in the power of written goals to help improve your art. The act of writing your creative goals down on paper is a great way to get to know yourself, to get in touch with your deepest desires, and to discover where you want to go next.  Having written goals and a one year plan affirms to yourself and to the universe that your goals are important to you. They will also become great motivational tools during those inevitable down or discouraging times because they will provide you with a broader perspective and a written reminder of the path you’ve chosen and concrete reasons that you should keep on keeping on.    

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes it takes longer than one year to accomplish certain goals. No problem – if they’re still important to me, I just carry them over to the following year. I have carried over goals for two, three, five years and longer. And some goals have been on my lists forever; goals that I still hope to accomplish someday. I think of goal setting and putting together a one year plan as an exciting way to refocus, revitalize, and renew my relationship with my art rather than as a “to do” list of chores that must be done.     

Here’s what Carol Lloyd says about goals in her book Creating a Life Worth Living: “Old-fashioned, boring goals stink. But well-crafted, creative goals – that’s a different thing altogether. They are tantalizing, provocative, and gorgeous. They are little aesthetic worlds perfectly shaped from your own desire. They are works of art designed and created for a single person: you. You create them for your own benefit, your own excitement and joy. And just like a successful work of art, a creative goal should provoke you to new insights and new experiences.”

The kind of goal that Carol Lloyd is talking about is what I call a big audacious art goal  (BAAG). A big audacious art goal is a goal that taps into your deepest desires and longings for your art – a goal that is at once inspiring, invigorating, and energizing.   

Eric Maisel’s question in today’s quote is a great place to start. It’s one of those “well considered questions” that I so dearly love! Here are two more:

1). Where would you like your art to be a year from now?

2). What big audacious art goal (BAAG) could you set for yourself for the coming year that would move your art in that direction?

My BAAG for the coming year is to carve out more studio time so that I can start and finish more paintings. This will be my biggest art challenge in 2010 as I have a full teaching schedule as well as a big home remodeling project to deal with as well. 

I’d love to hear from you! WHAT’S IN YOUR BAAG FOR 2010?

Happy Painting!