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This Year’s Theme

That Way, Donna Zagotta

That Way, Donna Zagotta

I’ve noticed a growing trend where instead of making New Year’s resolutions, people are choosing a theme to focus on for the whole year. I like that, because having a theme forces you to boil all of your goals and objectives down to one concise, big, simple, juicy idea. Having a central theme for the year is a great reminder that will help you stay on track when life gets super busy; it’s a way to stay focused on the big picture and not get mired down in the small details, distractions, annoyances, and frustrations of everyday life.     

My theme for 2010 is: More productivity with greater ease and less stress in both my art life and personal life.  I guess I could boil it down even further to one simple theme word: Harmony.

How will I carry out my theme – how will I create harmony in both my art life and my personal life? Well, to start with, I’m creating a plan for the whole year with quarterly goals, deadlines, and scheduled progress reports. Next, I’m making a list of all I want to accomplish this year along with another list of all the actions I can think of that I will need to take to get things done (identifying the actions to be done has been a key missing ingredient for me!). Instead of pushing myself to accomplish my goals, I want to work on setting up a nurturing environment along with habits, routines and attitudes that will more naturally and gracefully move me towards my goals and desires.

How about you? Do you have a gigantic and juicy theme that will inspire you in 2010? How will you carry it out? Please share!

The painting in today’s post is titled That Way, and I am so excited to announce that is was juried into the 2010 American Watercolor Society exhibition!

Happy Painting!