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The Annual Art Check-Up

The holiday season is upon us! I love this time of year and one of my favorite things to do between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is to perform an annual art check-up where I re-examine my painting goals and set new ones for the upcoming year. I begin by taking an exploratory look at my current body of work and determining what’s working and what needs improvement. Then I sit down with my art journal and write down my findings. I also list ideas for improvement, ideas I want to try from books and magazines I’ve read, ideas gleaned from artists I admire and from looking at paintings that I love, content ideas, series ideas, and plans, plans, and more plans.

If you would like to perform your own annual art check-up, here are 12 prompts to get you started, excerpted from my article, Watercolor Chronicles, originally published in the October, 2009 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine. 

 Image 3

Happy Painting!