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Designing Deliberate Practice Art Encounters

Canal Street crop









3 Paintings from Donna’s City Series

In a recent post, I asked readers to share ideas for how they were working with, or planned to work with, the Deliberate Practice material I presented on this blog. 

I love this idea from Karen K. She said that she has been doing daily 30 minute studies for over a year and says that focusing on this project has totally improved her artwork. Although she usually works in watercolor, in order to get the most out of her limited 30 minute time frame, she uses markers in her daily Deliberate Practice studies. She adds that these 30 minute studies are done EVERY day, with NO EXCUSES allowed. Kudos to you Karen! And many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas.

Here’s how I plan to work with Deliberate Practice in 2012. Every year I use the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day to do a yearly review and to make plans and set goals for the coming year. This time, I’ve chosen one Deliberate Practice idea – something that I want to master – and I’ve decided to use it as the unifying theme for a series of paintings that I will work on throughout 2012.

Working in a series is great way to improve painting techniques and to work on mastering missing links. At the heart of series work is choosing one theme – such as one subject, one concept, one element or principle of design, one technique, or one style – and focusing your creative energies on repeating that theme over and over again with the predetermined goal of evolving beyond what is comfortable and easy to discover less obvious and more imaginative approaches to the chosen theme. An added benefit to working in a series is that the whole series will have a cohesive look because the chosen theme becomes the thread that ties all of the pieces together.

Are you planning some Deliberate Practice art encounters for 2012? I’d really like to hear from you……………please share!

Happy Painting!