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More Deliberate Practice Ideas for Improving Your Art

                                   Landscape Painting by Maggie Latham          

                                      Watercolor Wash Painting by Maggie Latham

 This week I received a delightful email from the UK from Maggie Latham. She wrote: 

  • “I read with interest your blog post of yesterday regarding deliberate practice, and have written about it on my own blog post today. In watercolor particularly I do find that deliberate practice in one technique or another is really beneficial to my growth as an artist. Because of the unpredictable nature of pigment and water, I never get tired of just painting washes for the sake of blending beautiful colour. I never get bored exploring the nature of different pigments and what happens when painting either glazes, surface blended washes, or colors mixed on my palette. 
  • Not sure if you have seen the One Hundred Washes blog which I set up last  year …..but in essence I guess deliberate practice is what we were doing, although without tight parameters.”  

I visited the One Hundred Washes blog and found a group of 7 international artists, each of whom had just completed a 100 watercolor wash paintings challenge. Here’s what Maggie says on the One Hundred Washes Blog:  

  • “Many artists incorporate the magical number ‘100’ to create a series of variations on a theme, or a specific body of work ….and in Jan 2008, (in a quest for a better understanding of the nuances of blended washes) I embarked on a one week long paint-a-thon of 100 washes. The intensity of creating so many wonderful variations of washes in a short space of time was amazing and addictive…. and I learnt more in one week about how different pigments interact and why certain colour combinations ‘work’ and why some don’t…than most painters learn in a lifetime. It was intense, fun and most of all a huge personal learning curve.

Maggie then put out a call for interested participants to join her in a 100 washes challenge …and to post all of their efforts into one blog. The One Hundred Washes blog is the result of their labor. As I mentioned, all seven of these artists recently completed the challenge and you can go on the website and vote for your favorite  HERE.

And you can see Maggie’s other blog HERE.

This is a great Deliberate Practice idea! Thank you so much, Maggie for sharing your blogs.

Happy Painting!