Monthly Archives: February 2013

Watercolor Artist Magazine

I am pleased to announce that I have an article in the current (April) issue of Watercolor Artist magazine! In the article, titled “Don’t Forsake Opaque“, I share some ideas for how to put together a personal working palette that will allow you to paint bold, delicious, high-intensity watercolor paintings, how to relate manufactured tube watercolors to the artist’s color wheel, how to understand and use the various characteristics of manufactured tube watercolors, and how to use the three properties of color: hue, value, and intensity to create bold and expressive paintings. 


I also share tips and ideas for working with opaque watercolor, a technique that easily allows for changes and corrections during the painting process. Painting with opaque watercolor can remove some of the technical difficulties and fears associated with traditional transparent watercolor painting and allow you to be more confident, free, and spontaneous.  This article was a joy to write because it represents the small but noticeable progress I’ve made in a personal goal I set for myself about a decade ago to move from being a “value painter” to being a “color painter”. Reflecting on where I was and how I thought about color and value back then – and how differently I think about them today, I feel like I have definitely taken some steps forward in my journey as an artist. Art is long, life is sweet! 

Happy Painting!