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Plan a Creative Escape in Myrtle Beach

                                               Springmaid Beach Brochure


A creative escape is a little time-out-of-time that you carve from your schedule to devote to running away TO your art!     Eric Maisel

I have always loved Julia Cameron’s idea of scheduling “Artist Dates” as a way of nurturing your creativity and inner artist. Scheduling a “Creative Escape” is another excellent way to nurture the artist within. Taking a workshop at Springmaid Beach Resort & Conference Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a fabulous place to enjoy your creative escape because you won’t have to think of anything else except painting for five glorious days! Three meals a day, a private room, instruction, and unlimited access to the teaching studio are all covered in the cost the workshop.  Plus -the resort is spread across 30 ocean front acres!

This year I am returning for the third time to Springmaid Beach Resort to teach my workshop, “Adding the You Factor to Paintings.” The dates are March 5-11, 2016. Please join me in Myrtle Beach for an excellent creative escape!

On another note – I have cut back quite a bit on my workshop schedule because I want to spend more time in my studio painting. At this point I have only three workshops scheduled in the future, so if you’ve been thinking about taking one of my workshops, you might consider taking one this year.

Live well and paint a lot!