5 Tips to Help You Feel Energized Rather Than Empty When You Return to Your Studio After the Holiday Break

I have found that taking a break for a vacation, for teaching a workshop, or for the Holidays can cause a setback when I return to the studio. I often feel like I forgot how to paint! That feeling is usually accompanied by self-doubt and confusion about where to begin and what to do next. It takes patience and time to work through all these unpleasant feelings and to start the creative wheels spinning again.   

Earlier this year my husband and I had a dream vacation in France. Because I knew that my MO is to “forget how to paint” when I’m away from the studio for more than a few days, I put together a plan that I hoped would prevent some of the problems that would occur when I returned to my studio after our trip. These five strategies worked and I’m using them for my Holiday break this year as well. I hope you’ll find them helpful too. 

Tip #1: Decide when your Holiday break will officially begin and when it will officially end. 

Tip #2: In your journal, write about the project or piece of art that you’re currently working on and the specific step that needs to be taken next (the one you would have taken if you did not have to take a break).  

Tip #3: Before your break begins, tidy up your studio and put your project or art piece in a prominent place – so that it’s there waiting patiently for you to return.

Tip #4: Even though you won’t be working on your project or art piece for awhile, strive to stay mentally and emotionally connected to it during your break. 

Tip #5: Enjoy your break! 

Today my Holiday break officially begins! 


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