A Review of the 2009 American Watercolor Society Exhibition



Last month, I had the privilege to attend the American Watercolor Society awards banquet. I was thrilled that my painting, The Morning Commute (today’s painting) was juried into this year’s show. Seeing the actual exhibit is so different from seeing the catalog. For one thing, I have found that you really can’t determine the flavor of the show just by looking at the catalog, as it contains only the award winning paintings. In a show of that quality and caliber, most of the paintings in the exhibition are worthy of awards, so the awards often simply come down to the particular tastes of the three awards jurors.  This year’s exhibit seemed to me to have many more pure transparent watercolors than the past few years. Also, I noted that there were quite a few small paintings included, which may have something to do with today’s economy and the high cost involved with shipping paintings. Approximately 80% of the show was comprised of landscapes, landscapes with figures, figures, and still life/interiors – all pretty much evenly divided. Of the remaining 20%, 6 paintings were of animals, and 8 paintings were abstracts. The quality of this year’s show, as always, was top notch. What surprised me the most was the large number of traditional paintings that were included.

A highlight for me was meeting Stephen Quiller, and spending time chatting with Carla O’Connor, Carl Dalio, Pat Cook, John Salminen, Paul Jackson, and Frank Webb. It was truly a magical evening!


                        Left to right: Stephen Quiller, Donna, Carla O’Connor, Carl Dalio


Happy Painting!

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      Thanks for visiting my blog, Susan! And thanks for your kind words about the workshop. I had a great time last week as well. Can’t wait to see where you go next – keep in touch. Donna


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