Donna Zagotta Contemporary Figure Paintings

About the Artist

I was born in Chicago, Illinois. As the only child of two passionate musicians, I can’t ever remember a time when art, creativity, and music wasn’t a part of my life. I made the decision to become serious about my art in 1984, giving myself a year “to see what I could do.” And the rest, as they say, is history! My paintings have been exhibited internationally and across the USA. They have accumulated numerous awards and appear in many publications. In 1990 the University of Michigan School of Art invited me to create and teach a 400 Level summer watercolor course. This first experience with teaching art ignited a strong passion that put me on a new and unexpected life path teaching watercolor workshops nationally and abroad.

My work has always been anchored in the fertile area that lies between pure representation and pure abstraction. Over the years my work has slowly moved from the representational area towards the abstract area. It is a journey, and I suspect that there will be no final destination. Subject matter often becomes a grounding element, but my primary focus is on expressing myself authentically with abstract design and non-representational color, line, texture, pattern, and mark-making. My paintings are shaped by life experiences, memories, and what is imagined. They evolve through a trial and error process of deliberation, experimentation, and improvisation. I put paint down and then change it, cover it up, remove it, or completely change direction. Every change leads to a new discovery, and the process continues layer by layer until I see something that touches my heart. I am searching for an image that feels alive with feeling. I often find that the “story beneath” my paintings are autobiographical, and I hope my viewers will find their own stories there as well.

Juried Signature Membership, American Watercolor Society
Juried Signature Membership, National Watercolor Society

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