And the Winner is…..

The winner of my new DVD is Myrna Wacknov! 

However, everyone who is participating in The Silhouette Project will be a winner of two grand prizes: 1). the ability to see an object or a figure as a flat, two-dimensional shape; a necessary skill because compositions aren’t put together with objects or figures, they are put together with shapes. 2). a better understanding of the construction, anatomy, and proportions of the figure. 

I invite all the participants in The Silhouette Project to share how it’s going so far by leaving a comment in the comment box below. 

A big congratulations to Myrna, and to everyone who entered – you’re all winners!

Happy Painting!  

4 thoughts on “And the Winner is…..

  1. Ginny Stiles

    Oh congrats to Myrna! Lucky gal! If you look at my post today (Tuesday) you’ll see that the ONE painting project I managed to do during a 15 hour power outage yesterday was my silhouettes! Otherwise it was to dark in the unlit cabin in the middle of the forest to do much painting! Hahaha. Thanks again for getting us all started on this worthwhile project.

  2. Carol Bertino

    Congratulations to Myrna!
    As for my silhouettes, I have been trying various brands of cheaper paper that I have had around here…a good use for this, I thought…but then again, I’m not used to how they handle watercolor….a bit of another challenge…but overall, I am enjoying this exercise. I’m learning which catalogues/brochures show the entire figure, and which cut off the legs!!
    Donna…hope you had a fun time at FL Watercolor.


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