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The 6-Word Artist Memoir


“Sure, your life story could fill a thousand pages – but sometimes a few words are all you need.”    The Oprah Magazine, February 2012

An article in the current issue of The Oprah Magazine describes a 2006 challenge that writer Larry Smith issued to his online readers. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s legendary shortest of short stories (“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn”), Smith asked his readers to describe their lives in 6 words. Smith’s 6-Word Memoir challenge officially ended after a month, but the stories kept coming. Now, five years later, participants have sent in more than half a million mini memoirs, and Smith has published 5 compilations of the intensely personal accounts.

Inspired and intrigued, I thought it would be fun to try writing a 6-Word story of my life as an artist. Having been an on again/off again artist for most of my adult life, I looked back at my 40 year+ art journey and spent some time searching for the 6 perfect words to describe it all. It was a stimulating, enlightening, and fun experience!  

Here is what I came up with…………

      My 6-Word Artist Memoir:   

       I Found Myself Painting My Life.    Donna Zagotta

Now it’s your turn! Are you ready to search for those 6 perfect words that describe your life as an artist? E-mail your 6-Word Artist Memoir to me at by February 16, and I’ll post all of the mini artist memoirs here on my blog. You can find more information and ideas about Larry Smith’s 6-Word Memoir challenge at

Happy Painting (and Writing)!