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Join me in Ann Arbor at my spring workshop

This year I will be teaching two workshops; one in the spring and one in the fall. The first workshop will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan March 26-28. The title is Adding the You Factor 2, and in this workshop we will be exploring a number of strategies for creating personal and inventive paintings, including:

  • Overcoming fear
  • Getting beyond illustration
  • Working with reference materials
  • Dividing the space in a beautiful way
  • Loosening up brushstrokes
  • Understanding the color/value connection
  • Making it up as you go
  • Putting together a personal box of painting tools

These strategies apply to every subject and they pertain to all painting mediums. The focus is on seeing and thinking abstractly and crafting a beautifully designed painting using a personal rather that rule-based approach to composition and color. A major theme throughout the workshop will be that subject matter is just a jumping off place – the real subject of your paintings is always YOU.

I hope you can join us in Ann Arbor for a fun and exciting art adventure! All mediums are welcome.

Click here for registration info:

Bye for now…..Donna