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Spring Cleanout

“Removing clutter and chaos from our lives brings clarity, which makes it easier to achieve what we want.” Suze Orman

I decided it was time to take a day and spring clean in my studio. I figured that even though it’s June already, it’s still technically spring, so I’m good. My goal was to clear out the cobwebs in my studio and in my mind and get reenergized. However, what I thought would be a few hours work turned out to take a week! But I did get everything cleared out and organized and I’m very happy with the results. I’m back painting again in my neat and organized little space and it feels great! Here’s what I did:

  1. Threw out old and awful paintings that were taking up precious space in my flat file.
  2. Organized an “idea file” so I can now access clipped-out magazine articles and clippings of work done by favorite artists in an instant.
  3. Organized another file box according to topic with information (book notes, magazine clippings, etc.) about all of the art areas that I’m interested in.
  4. Found a home for everything that resides in my studio so I can put everything away at a moment’s notice (my studio is in a room that used to be our living room and it can be seen when someone enters our home, so it’s important for me to be able to have everything neat when company is coming).
  5. Cleaned off my desk and cleared out my paper business files.
  6. Set up a file box for blogging ideas.
  7. Set up file boxes for art marketing ideas.
  8. Bought a cute new plant and a cute new chair pillow to celebrate the completion of my project.  

I find that I need to have open spaces and a peaceful, calm environment to nurture my art. Cleaning out and clearing out cobwebs, chaos, and clutter in the studio and in my mind makes room for new ideas and new studio adventures.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a tour of my studio – I decided to take photos of my finished project and post them now because as soon as I’m back in the throes of painting, I’m sure that chaos (good chaos this time, I hope!) will take over again.

Happy Painting!