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Studio Tour

A little over ten years ago, we remodeled the main level of our two story home and brought my studio up from the basement into what used to be our living room. We tore out the carpeting in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and entry – making the connection between my studio and the rest of the house complete.

This view of my studio is from my kitchen table. I have coffee each morning and can view my latest creation at the same time.   

This is the view of my studio from my kitchen table. I have coffee each morning and can view my latest creation.


French doors separate the kitchen and studio. The back wall houses bookcases that contain books, magazines, catalogues, files of my marketing material, digital printouts of photos I’ve played with on Adobe Photoshop, and files of my writing and workshop stuff.


One side wall contains my flat file, an 11 foot counter topping three open cabinets that house my music stuff, more files, and containers that hold my art supplies. 


I paint on an easel that is clamped onto a small taboret. My drafting table is where I spread out all of my “stuff” when I’m painting. One of my favorite items is the architect’s table I found many years ago on clearance. It is 34×72 inches and has vertical and horizontal storage underneath.


This is my office and computer area.


This brings us around the room to the last wall, where I have more cabinets that hold books, slides, and miscellaneous stuff. I use the top surface to view paintings in progress. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this personal tour of my studio. I consider my studio to be my personal sanctuary and refuge. It’s important to me that it be cozy, attractive, and welcoming. Painting at its best is tough – I need all the nurturing I can get to coax me into my studio and start working!   

Happy Painting!