My Cabin in the Woods

I’ve (finally!) posted my current body of work on my website. I’ve also changed the format a bit so that everything is easy to find – I clutter busted!

I’ve also been clarifying for myself where I want to go next with my paintings. How will I grow my art? How can I make it more authentically mine? It’s exciting for me to be able to take some time to reflect upon where my art has been in the 30+ years I’ve been painting, and how I can move it forward. 18

This is my first year not teaching and with the Corona Virus and sheltering in place, I now have something I’ve been wanting for a long long time – consistent time in my studio. A long-held fantasy of mine has been to rent a cabin in the woods, one of those small prefab cabins maybe, that was fully stocked with food (and wine, of course) and do nothing at all except paint. So during this stay-at-home time, I decided to do my “cabin in the wood thing” at home.” It’s a different version – I’m the one stocking it with food and wine, and I have invited my hubby to join me (I’m stocking it with beer for him).

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If you could plan your log cabin in such a way that it feels like you’re living in a fairy tale, would you not? You’ve read Snow White or other similar stories as a kid. You know how much fun it is to live in the woods! Hence, we have decided to make a modern version of the same in our home. I’m loving it! Here’s a photo of our “cabin” AKA our home.

Our lovely “cabin in the woods”

Bye for now…………..Donna

3 thoughts on “My Cabin in the Woods

  1. Diane O Pinney

    Donna, this is fabulous! I love your new website! and your paintings! OMG! And we should all have such a beautiful “cabin in the woods” where ever we are sheltering. Stay safe and well and I hope to see you again when I come to Michigan.

    1. Donna Post author

      Hi Diane,
      I love hearing from you! I known you’re still painting……have seen them on the web. Thinking of you brings back fond memories of our times together “way back when.”


  2. Eileen Sudzina

    I love your new work. So much depth and design in it. Great Colors as always and strong emotion. Thanks for expressing you.

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