Out and About Opening Reception

Sunday’s opening reception was quite exciting! We “guesstimated” that more than a hundred people attended. Good food, great conversations, and four sold paintings to boot! 


Despite a few technical difficulties, I did my first digital talk and all went well. I talked about ten pictorial ideas I’m passionate about and use in my work.  


I enjoyed visiting with family, friends, and acquaintances, especially those I haven’t seen in awhile.    

Happy Painting!

5 thoughts on “Out and About Opening Reception

  1. Diana

    Awesome! Love them all…from the simple to the more complex. Looks like a big success. Congrats! I was wondering …do you ever get people looking at you weird when your taking reference pics? I try to hide, but sometimes it’s kind of obvious.

    1. Donna Post author

      Thanks, Diana, for your comments. I love your question and it’s one I am asked often, so stay tuned – I think I’ll devote a whole post on it. Thanks for the idea!

  2. D Thibodeau

    Was your talk recorded and available on the internet? If not, are you going to cover your 10 points in a blog entry. I was not sure I would like opaque watercolor but attended your show and was very impressed with the colors and painterly quality of your work. I ordered your DVD and I want to approach my paintings in a more organized, well designed, simplyfied approach and try the opaque method. You are very inspirational in your CCP interview about painting like yourself and not your teacher. Thanks.

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