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I am pleased to announce that I have an article in the current (April) issue of Watercolor Artist magazine! In the article, titled “Don’t Forsake Opaque“, I share some ideas for how to put together a personal working palette that will allow you to paint bold, delicious, high-intensity watercolor paintings, how to relate manufactured tube watercolors to the artist’s color wheel, how to understand and use the various characteristics of manufactured tube watercolors, and how to use the three properties of color: hue, value, and intensity to create bold and expressive paintings. 


I also share tips and ideas for working with opaque watercolor, a technique that easily allows for changes and corrections during the painting process. Painting with opaque watercolor can remove some of the technical difficulties and fears associated with traditional transparent watercolor painting and allow you to be more confident, free, and spontaneous.  This article was a joy to write because it represents the small but noticeable progress I’ve made in a personal goal I set for myself about a decade ago to move from being a “value painter” to being a “color painter”. Reflecting on where I was and how I thought about color and value back then – and how differently I think about them today, I feel like I have definitely taken some steps forward in my journey as an artist. Art is long, life is sweet! 

Happy Painting!

14 thoughts on “Watercolor Artist Magazine

  1. Vivian Patton

    I have always had difficulty with color and how to make it fresh and expressive. I feel so much more comfortable with black and white. I will have to read your article and look at your work. Thank you.

  2. Donna Post author

    Hi Vivian,
    Learning about color is difficult, and working with color is even more difficult. But color is such an expressive element for adding personality, mood, and aliveness to a painting.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting!

  3. Carl Purcell

    Hi Donna,
    I have long admired your work. I can surely relate to what you said about moving on from a value painter to a color painter. As a student I was afraid of color. However, it had its advantages, because it is values that construct the framework for a painting. The color sings the song, but value sets the stage. Now I love color, even if I am not as bold as you are with it. Also, I can’t let go of the challenge of controlling transparent watercolor even though I admire a lot of the opaque work going on.
    Thanks for all your inspiration. Isn’t life great when you have art?

  4. Joanie Springer

    Hi Donna

    I LOVE your artwork, and what a fabulous article on you in April issue. I seldom buy watercolor magazines because they are always about transparent painting methods. I, too, use gouache almost exclusively and I am besotted with opaque painting. I find so much freedom and expression in this medium – like you said in your article, I can paint intuitively and change my mind at any time. That suits my style.

    Blessings to you! Hope to catch your workshop in Santa Rosa come September.

  5. Joanie Springer

    How do I subscribe to your blog via email????? I keep looking for a subscribe form….what am I missing? Thanks. Definitely want to keep in touch.

  6. Donna Post author

    Hi Joanie,
    Thanks so much for writing! I’m glad you found the magazine article informative – and it’s nice to meet another artist in love with opaque painting! I hope we can meet sometime.

    Unfortunately I currently don’t have a way to subscribe to my blog – something that I’ll have to work on.

  7. Donna Post author

    Hi Carl,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment here! I agree with you that values provide a painting’s structure and foundation. I’ve always love strong light/dark value patterns. And mastering value is definitely a necessity for the artist who wants to be successful with color.

    I’ve visited your blog and found it very interesting – I’ll be back!

  8. Diane Pinney

    This was just the reason I needed to subscribe to ‘Watercolor Artist’! Can’t wait for your class in Santa Rosa.
    We leave for Maui in the morning and I am taking my Zagotta palette and intent to paint – in my bare feet! In case I haven’t mentioned it, I am so glad you are blogging again.

  9. Donna Post author

    Great to hear from you Diane! Have a wonderful time in Maui painting. It’s nice to know that a part of me will be in Hawaii too! Can’t wait to see you again in CA in the fall.

  10. Susan McLean

    Donna, thanks! I am using the ideas in your article but with pastel. I feel that I am on the road to achieving a blend of realism and abstraction that I’ve been managing only occasionally and without any insight as to why or what. So much FUN!

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