We’re Celebrating!

This time last year, I had the idea of putting together a mother daughter exhibition with my daughter, Tracy. We are both figure painters and paint exclusively from the same model – my granddaughter and Tracy’s niece, Amelia. For the last four summers, we’ve scheduled modeling sessions with Amelia in my back yard and have amassed thousands of photos which provide us both with unlimited inspiration for our figure work.

We have been painting for our mother daughter exhibition all year long. The photo above was taken at my house and it was the first time we actually saw our paintings together. It was amazing how well they played with each other!

At the moment, there has been a flurry of activity going on in both our studios as we’ve been matting, framing and getting everything ready to deliver our work to the gallery today! 

Stay tuned!


One thought on “We’re Celebrating!

  1. Gale Webb

    How exciting for you! It’s a beautiful grouping of paintings. Hope your show is a huge success. It already is as you look at the huge body of work you have produced and how much fun it was painting them.

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