You in 6 Words

I want to thank everyone who took the time to send in a 6-Word Artist Memoir. It was great fun to read them all! I feel like I’ve gotten to know you a little better! 

Happy Painting!

6 thoughts on “You in 6 Words

  1. Maggie Latham

    Donna, thank you for posting all these…it’s lovely to read them all together. It was actually harder than I thought to pick just six words to express how I feel about myself as an artist, But I believe word exercises like this helps us to become more mindful of who we are as artists….and of course…… what we focus on in life, creates who we become tomorrow.

    1. Donna Post author

      Hi Maggie,
      Thanks for your comments! I found the project harder than I thought it would be too – especially when trying to really get to my “bottom line” essence.

      By the way- I saw your article in the April 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine – it was really a good one! I totally recommend that everyone get this issue and read Maggie’s 10-Step Personal Color Workshop.

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